Blog: Animal Afterlives (PhD Research Blog)

I’ve recently started a new page: which is related to my new PhD project.

After some ongoing issues with my original project I ended up changing supervisors, completely overhauling my ideas and refocusing on what I was interested in and what was going to sustain me through the long and lonely months of putting together a PhD thesis. In the end, I settled on companion animal death narrative (cheery, I know!)

So, in this new project, I will be looking to talk to people that have lost their companion animals and would like to share their ideas on where, having shaken off the limitations of their mortal bodies, these animals are now residing.

I’ll not say too much here, please do swing by and check out the page… it’s still in the very early stages, so maybe sign up for email updates if you think it’s something you’d be into.

I hope to talk with about the memory of your beloved fur-baby soon!

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