Novel Idea: Right Before My Eyes

Can men and women ever really be just friends?

Society may have pondered this question since the beginning of time, but for Rose O’Halloran the answer had always been a resounding ‘yes.’ That was until she woke up one day and realised that not only was she accidentally in love with her own best friend, Josh, but that she’d actually been in love with him for about a decade. But while Josh might have been the one constant in Rose’s life, she knew all too well that he saw her as a little sister and not as his dream woman.

Lamenting the futility of her situation and, in an attempt to prevent herself from doing something stupid (like being honest about her feelings), Rose turns to her closest girlfriends for advice. Unfortunately, their harebrained solution is a lavish, girl’s only vacation; where romance will be the only thing on the agenda, ensuring that Josh will be the last thing on Rose’s mind.

Everything is going to plan, until a surprise outing leads to a magical intervention; and suddenly, the things Rose wished for only in the privacy of her wildest fantasies are starting coming true.

Is love really at the core of Rose’s quandary, or is she just suffering from temporary insanity? If only she could see through the magic cloud around her, she might find that the answer is right before her eyes.

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